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  • Tae-kyu Park


    Tae-kyu Park (b. 1965 Hampyeong) graduated from the Department of Art, Honam University in 1991. Influenced by the characteristic of propaganda art closely associated Gwangju, Park has produced banner paintings, flags, and painting of martyrs, which is also in line with his practice of realistic painting, participatory art, and environmental movement. He is known for hand-painted movie posters produced from 1997 to 2001 at the Gwangju Theater. In 2000, Park established ‘Artists Thinking of the Environment’, that runs activities related to the urban environment and runs an art school with children who draw nature. He is currently the chairman of the Gwangju Fine Arts Association. His recent solo exhibitions include Theater Exhibition: There Is Someone Here (Gwangju Theater, Gwangju, Korea, 2015), and Remembrance (Zamwol Museum, Hampyeong, Korea, 2014). His work has also participated in May Exhibition: Hypnosis-Intentional Situational Awareness (Gwangju Museum of Art – Geumnam Street, Gwangju, Korea, 2013) and the 5th Gwangju Biennale.