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    Seung-chan Gwon (b.1973, Jang Heung) has been focusing on (in)tangible public art project, participatory art, paintings, and multimedia installation work to explore various social issues lodged deep in the reality. He studied fine arts at Honam University and received his master’s degree at the same university in 1999. After the graduation, he has carried out projects including the nationwide name card distribution project, Hello! This is Gwon Seung-chan!, Baseline Project–Low Power Radio Broadcast (Gwangju, Anyang, Seoul, and more, 2006-2010), and Immigrant Radio Broadcasting (Gwangju, 2015). He has received the Gwangju Art Award in 2018 and Ha Jung-woong Youth Artist Award in 2012, and his major solo exhibitions include Young Artists Invitation Exhibition: Gwon Seung-chan – CONNECTED (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, 2018), Multimedia Gwon Seung-chan (Gallery Hyun, Archdiocese of Gwangju, Gwangju, 2016). His work has been shown in group exhibitions such as Indonesia Contemporary Ceramic Biennale (Indonesia, 2019), and Sapporo Snow Festival- YUKITERRACE (Japan, 2017).