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    Since 2013, Part-time Suite (est. 2009, South Korea) has been a duo consisting of Miyeon Lee and Jaeyoung Park, extending their area of exploration into the prevailing economy-centrism and media environment that dominate the foundation for everyday life, as well as the power that the arts can create in and against such conditions, however minute it may be. The artists also perform as a musical project band Part-time Suite Sound and has released two EPs. Their works so far have been focused on the question of art and society in the context of cityscapes and narratives in spaces—rough, yet poetic performance videos and installations in which limitations and constraints in the circumstances are transformed into point of interests through the artists’ intervention and initiation. Their recent solo shows include: The Ballad of Real Estates (ARTZONE, Kyoto, Japan, 2017) and AIR, (Seoul, Korea, 2019). They have participated in numerous groups shows, such as GRAVEDAD CERO: EL Ranchito Corea-Japón (Matadero, Madrid, Spain, 2015). SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, 2016), The Square (MMCA, Seoul, Korea, 2019), Belief, Hope and Love Media Punk (Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea, 2019).