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    Lucrecia Lionti (b.1985, Argentina) lives and works between Tucumán and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work includes collages, drawing, painting, embroidery, objects, and installations that include text related to the materiality, history or meaning with which they are constructed. She is interested in the places where she lives and works, their history and contemporaneity, their economy, their social divisions, her own means of survival, and the fluctuations of feelings these means entail. Often, these elements become entangled with geometric abstraction and other art movements. She received grants and prizes including BecAR, Residency at EAC, Uruguay (2019); FNA Creación (2018); Residency El Ranchito/Matadero, Madrid (2017); Premio Estímulo Salón de Mayo Museo Rosa Galisteo, Santa Fe (2019) and First Prize MUNT, Tucumán (2018). Her work is part of the following collections: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Le 19, and CRAC – Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain de Montbéliard.