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    Jeong-ho Jeon (b. 1960, Sinan) graduated and received his master’s degree from Chosun University’s College of Fine Arts. He was arrested and convicted for the violation of National Security Law when he was an active participant at the Gwangju Visual Media Research Association, National Art Council, and National Minjung Art Movement Association because of his banner painting Foot of Baekdu Mountain. Even after the release, he continued to be wanted because of his banner painting about the national liberation movements and devoted himself to the art movements in rural and labor fields. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions including Yeosu & Suncheon Uprising Peace Art Exhibition (Suncheon National University Museum, Sunchecon, Korea, 2019) and The 40th Anniversary of the May 18 Poster Exhibition (Thinking Box Gallery, Gwangju, Korea, 2020). Currently, he is participating in the Art Museum Project for Human Rights and Peace in East Asia and serving as the head of the Asia Research Institute of Woodcut.