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  • Heinkuhn Oh


    Heinkuhn Oh (b. 1963, Seoul) majored in photography and film at Ohio University’s graduate school of art and started his career as a documentary photographer, capturing social landscapes of the time. In 1999, his solo exhibition Ajumma, Portraits of Middle-aged Women in Korea helped identify ‘Ajumma Syndrome’ in Korea. Since then, he has focused on documenting specific groups of people revealing common desires and anxieties that prevail in Korean society. His solo exhibitions include Middleman (Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea, 2012), Cosmetic Girls (Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2008). In 2005, he participated in the Korean Pavilion of the 51st Venice Biennale. His work has been recently presented in group exhibitions such as The Square: Art and Society of Korea 1900-2019 Part 3. (MMCA, Seoul, Korea, 2020) and Will you still love me tomorrow? (SeMA, Seoul, Korea, 2019).