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    Jun-tae Kim (b. 1948, Haenam, Korea) is a poet. As a professor at Chosun University in Gwangju City Kim lectured on Korean literature. Born in 1948 in the vortex following the tragic ‘Gwangju Uprising’ in 1980, he was dismissed from his teaching position in high school for publishing his poem, ‘Gwangju, cross of our Nation’ which was a protest against the cruel oppression of the military. Since then he has written resistance poems and poems for national reunification, as well as poems depicting rural life and emotion. He has published nineteen collections of poems, including Thrashing sesame seeds, I saw God,  Rice soup and Dream, Fire? or Flower?, From May to Reunification, Sword and Earth, A sad song of Drunkard Dreaming of Reunification, Standing on the Horizon, etc.